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Saturday, 07 January 2017 13:01

2017: Year of Complete Restoration

2017: Year of Complete Restoration

Joel 2:11-18

1. 2017 shall be full of violence, yet My people shall live in peace.
2. 2017 shall be chaotic, yet things will work for My people.


The Lord said His people should turn unto Him with all their hearts; He also said that in 2017, His people should rend their hearts and not their garments.

He said the following shall be the result of your Obedience:

1. 2017 shall be a year of Complete Restoration for you.
2. In 2017, He will do great things in your life.
3. In 2017, your pasture will turn green again; your tree will yet bear fruits, and your fig trees and grape vines shall flourish once more.
4. I will enlarge your barns in 2017 and cause you to enjoy overflowing blessings.
5. In 2017, those who pray will see the result of their prayers.
6. Your yearning of a long time shall finally be satisfied.
7. In 2017, I will banish fear from the camp of My people, and they shall be continually glad.
8. In 2017, I will give you back all that you have lost in past years.
9. Year 2017 shall be a year of satisfaction for the faithful.
10. In 2017, I have made grace available for landed properties.

To Certain Individuals:

1. In 2017, you will once again have abundance.
2. I will finally deal with what causes you shame.
3. I will cause you to begin to operate in the gifts of the Spirit you have always longed for.
4. All the people around you will be beneficiaries of My grace upon your life.
5. 2017 will be your turn for genuine laughter.
6. Be confident to speak the Word for I will back you up.

For City of David:

1. In 2017, I will give you greater evidence of My presence with you.
2. I will cause a greater floodgate to be opened upon you.
3. I will release a new wave of power upon you.
4. There will yet be another shaking that will separate the wheat from the shaft, and My Church will yet be glorified.
5. In 2017, the impact of the Church shall be felt.
6. Intercessors shall particularly be rewarded.

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