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Friday, 04 January 2019 15:34

2019 our Year of Glory and all round settlement

Confession for  2019

Our Year of Glory and All Round Settlement


I am the redeemed of the Lord by His grace.

Therefore I shall partake of the glory ahead.

This year, sin shall not have dominion over me and I shall serve God acceptably.

Every unwanted situation of my life shall be terminated.

Every want and need of my life shall be provided.

Almighty God will arise to protect me from the billows of danger.

He will give me victory over all challenges, triumph over all obstacles.

The Lord will give me glorification in the full glare of people who have mocked me.

This year, when people lament of a casting down, I will glorify God for a lifting up.

Jehovah will protect me from every known and unknown trouble.

Heavenly father shall visit me with everlasting joy.

Divine ability shall move me to my next greater level.

In this year of glory, Jehovah will turn my shame to glory.

Those that are waiting for my downfall shall be disgraced.

As I journey through the year; destiny helpers, destiny sponsors, destiny promoters and destiny lifters shall locate me.

My confidence in the Lord shall be uplifted.

Throughout this year, men and women of honour shall be of assistance to me and my family.

I shall wax stronger in my endeavours and shall enjoy uncommon prosperity.

The beauty of heaven shall come upon me and my family and turn all our hope into reality.

The good Lord shall clothe every of my days of this year with favour, every week with divine upliftment and be my anchor every month of the year.

The hand of God will establish me and He will silence and humble my enemies.

As I journey through the year, God in Heaven will make my life to have a meaning; the door of goodness shall not shut against me.

The Lord will turn on the light of my destiny and show me the way.

The grace of God will always speak for me at all times.

All my dispersed and scattered blessings shall gather back to me.

My arrival at all places will break barriers, my miracle will break protocols, my testimony will lead others to Christ and I will be the most preferred anywhere I go in Jesus name.

As I have witnessed the first day of 2019, I shall witness the last day of the year.

2019 shall be full of pleasant surprises for me.

The blessings of 2018 will not compare with the glory of 2019 in my life.

This year shall be a year of Glory and all round settlement for me and City of David Cambridge.

2019 shall be my year as the redeemed.

Jehovah will watch over these words to perform them in Jesus name. Amen.

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