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Thursday, 11 April 2013 21:02

Taking Root Down

Text: 2 Kings 19:30; Isaiah 37:31-32

Those few people from the nation of Judah who escape will again take root and produce crops.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the root as: the part of a plant which attaches it to the ground or to a support, typically underground, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches and fibres.  It is evident that from such a description that indeed the root is a very important part of the plant, and therefore the speed with which the shoot grows hinges on the ability of the root (which is both an anchor and store house) to respond to concentrated nutrients in its environment. In actual fact, the size of the root determines how well or how strong the plant/tree becomes, and thus, the strength of a tree is dependent on the root.

Now if God likens us to a tree (Psalm 1:3), then it means that we have to be very careful about our root, since our root determines our growth.

If roots are typically underground, then it means that they are hidden, which means that how well you grow in the Lord is not measured by your outward blessings.  Indeed the blessings you receive is not what makes you grown, on the contrary it makes you swell. Blessing in any form that one sees can make one think one is doing well, however, for us as believers, growth for us, is determined by how well we take root downwards. Remember, it is not the amount of rain that falls that makes the tree grow, but it is the amount that the root is able take in from the soil that makes it grow.

Any life completely free of challenges is a swelling life. Until your life takes root downwards it will not bear any fruit. How much of the challenges of life have you been able to absorb and turned around as nutrient for your growth in the Lord? For indeed the challenges speed up the process of you taking root, so that when it is the set time for you to blossom, you will have strong root to sustain it. Genesis 39:1- Joseph was taken down to Egypt to start the process of his root going down so that when it was his time to blossom, he had strong roots to sustain it. Going through the process would have taught him endurance, perseverance; and in whatever place he found himself, how to succeed in the things of God, why, because he had taken root.  A time is coming in your life when you are due to blossom and bear fruit, the question is have you taken root down? Are you able to sustain the heavy downpour of rain on your soil when it comes? Are you able to have room to store in your time of plenty? God cannot put you through certain situations and challenges, unless your strong root can sustain it.  When you have that root in your tree, your tree will blossom. Your tree will blossom and bear good fruits. And what are these fruits, why don’t you join us here at COD Cambridge for next week’s service for the nutrients you need for your growth in the Lord.

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