Raising Leaders, Transforming The World

To spread the gospel message and share the love of Christ with others while teaching the Church contemporary evangelism methods.

The Evangelism team meet regularly both to pray and to got out to preach to the people of Cambridge about the love of God and to tell of his grace and mercy that is ever available to us all. We truly love the people that we meet on our outreaches and we find avenues to keep in touch with them in a friendly manner.

When the evangelism team here at the city of David gets together, it is also an opportunity for us to reflect on the cross and on the grace of God that we have received yet a honour for us to go out seeking to fulfil the great commision to preach to all nations.

We also welcome other christians in and around Cambridge that want to join our group or on our evangelism out reaches


  • Build and maintain a dynamic and focussed evangelism department.
  • Create structures and an ambience that portray COD as an ‘evangelism friendly’ church.
  • Draw up a result-oriented and sustainable plan for consistent evangelism. This plan should cover how to get all levels of church membership involved in evangelism at one stage or the other.
  • Ensure early and adequate preparation for evangelism programmes
  • Ensure that the department meets regularly to pray.