Radical Generation

Raising Leaders, Transforming The World

Students . Young Professionals . NextGen 12-17
Students . Young Professionals . NextGen 12-17
Students . Young Professionals . NextGen 12-17
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What is RGEN?

RGEN – Radical Generation is the young adult ministry of City of David, Cambridge that inspires young adults through Christ to be inspirational, purpose-driven and great leaders in their chosen endeavours. RGen is filled with a power worship experience coupled with a life-transforming word from God, and a wonderful opportunity for young adults to fellowship.

To inspire the young adults through Christ Jesus to be an inspiration and be leaders in their chosen fields through holistic positive activities in the form of the Career Development Workshops, Singles’ Networking Meetings, Music, Dance, Creative Writing, Drama, and much more

To enable young adults to live purpose driven Christ centred lives.

We aim to:

Build up a generation of visionary young adults that will be apart of the 5% of the world population currently influencing the remaining 95% of people. We are building a radical generation that doesn’t watch things happen but that make things happen; we are building a generation that makes a difference and not a living, and we are building a generation that steps into the market place to make history not watch history being made.

We also, organize activities and interactive workshops that engage the hearts and minds of young adults and encourage them to use their gifts to inspire others.

We provide voluntary job opportunities, which, provides references, & certificates that will give our young adults the competitive edge in the market place.

RGEN is comprised of college students, university studentsyoung working professionals, singles, as well as young adults from across Cambridgeshire and beyond.

Our service time and where we meet :
Every Tuesday from 7pm-8:30pm

Zoom details:

Meeting ID: 945269243
Password: 000638

Keep up to date with our latest young adult news and events by following us on  our Facebook and Instagram page @RGen4C   or you can send an email to: rgen@rccgcambridge.org.uk   or Whatsapp/Text/Call: 07578 703477

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If you are a university student, we also have 2 campus fellowships tailored especially for you


  1. Organise activities that engage the hearts and minds of undergraduates/postgraduates students
  2. Supervise, encourage students to use their gifts to inspire others
  3. provide workshops, seminars, teachings for students to unlock their gifts
  4. provide voluntary job opportunities which provides references & certificates
  5. Encourage positive social networking.


Are you student at Anglia Ruskin University? Why not come and be part of our fellowship, meet other fellow students keen to be friends with You. Be sure that you will enjoy our range of interactive services, music, worship service, thought provoking topical discussions addressing the hot button issues affecting students Today.

Our Vision is  to inspire students to be an inspiration & be a leader in their chosen fields through holistic positive activities in the form of the Arts ( music, literature, and dance; the visual arts) Careers Advise, Creative writing, Drama

Our Mission is “To enable students – to fight poverty, be economically self sustaining, form positive social networks, and have a platform to showcase their talents. Enable today’s students live a purpose driven lives”


Cambridge University Christian Fellowship (CUCF) is a society with the aim to engage all students holistically regardless of their race or gender and lead them to explore & build their Christian faith fully through various forms (music, dance, drama, literature, poetry, the visual arts, e.t.c.), thought-provoking sessions as well as discipleship.

Young Working Professionals

Our vision is to inspire young working professionals to be leaders in their chosen career pathway

  1. Organise activities that engages the hearts and minds of young working professionals
  2. Encourage positive social networking
  3. Career workshops / seminars
  4. CV surgery
  5. Provide relevant training internship & voluntary job opportunities.

NEXT GEN (12-17 years)


Raising The Next Generation Of Christian Leaders


To empower teens to be fully equipped and prepared in all areas of life and to facilitate the transition from College to University and from the teenage years to young adulthood with a view of producing Christian leaders who will make a positive impact in their schools, families and the society at large.

Next Gen provides a safe and friendly environment at City of David where teens can worship God freely and develop their potential


No two services are ever the same but in our ever-dynamic services, you will experience:

  • Intense praise and worship,
  • The undiluted word using famous Bible Characters,
  • Group games,
  • Ice breakers and stories,
  • An opportunity to express your creative talents you never thought you had, and much more!

It’s a service you can’t afford to miss!