Vision & Mission

Raising Leaders, Transforming The World

The missions for the Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide are:

  • Make sure you go to Heaven
  • Take as many people as possible with you to Heaven
  • Live a life of Holiness
  • Preaching throughout the world
  • Planting churches

In addition to the above, at City of David Church in Cambridge;

Our Vision

is to raise people that love God, have intimacy with the Holy Spirit, follow the ways of Christ in conduct and works and showcase Gods glory in various spheres of influence.

Our Mission

is to champion this mandate by providing an atmosphere where people from the various nations of the world can experience the true love of Christ and understand God's purpose for their lives.

Our Goal

is to build a church where friendship, trust, and loyalty are valued firstly in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, and Suffolk, and the World at large.

Our Values
  • Sound teaching of the Word of God
  • Absolute hope, faith, and trust in God
  • Relationship with God and Man
  • Encouragement and Growth of Humanity
  • Equal Opportunity for all
  • Respect to every culture and gender

We recognise how difficult it is to make and keep real friends, therefore we are committed to building a church in Cambridge where relationships are highly valued and small groups of people learning to be friends are encouraged to cultivate these relationships through regular fellowships.

We are also committed to communicating and teaching timeless and undiluted truths of the wisdom of God and the new life in Christ through contemporary, creative, and culturally relevant means attractive to a post-modern generation of seekers.

Lastly, we recognise the reality that most people come to and mature in Christ over time. Therefore, we respect and encourage this growth process by demonstrating understanding and extending grace to everyone on their way to leadership.