Raising Leaders, Transforming The World

Facilitating Voluntary work, promoting positive activities Life skills and alternative education.


Improving Lives - Effecting Change

Why we believe in the mission

  • It enables communities to fight poverty,
  • It empowers through education and to be economically self-sustaining
  • It forms positive social networks, and
  • It encourages a sense of value & belonging.

Aims / Objectives

  • Positive activities
  • Life skills and alternative education
  • Facilitating Voluntary work

LIGHT Cambridge does what it says, “making local communities better”.

Nothing is too small or too big for LIGHT Cambridge to get involved in whether it is supporting the Elderly in care homes, giving clothes to the homeless, engaging disaffected young persons or providing emergency food relief to families or individuals living in extreme poverty.

LIGHT Cambridge provides a wide variety of opportunities for people to reach out into the communities and help others in practical ways. We also support, encourage and work with other organisations to give back to communities in Cambridge.

You can be part of LIGHT Cambridge in the following ways

1. Giving Time

We are always in need of volunteers to help us support the Elderly in care homes (elderly befriending); embark on community projects to share the love of Christ in action on the parks and streets of Cambridge.

It is also a great opportunity for students to gain first hand internship and apprenticeship experience whilst working voluntary for LIGHT Cambridge.

2. Giving Money

Whether it’s £1.00 or £1000.00, we ensure that 100% of what you give goes to the specified project of your choice.